The APOLLO III is an internet connected bell & clock controller.

User-friendliness by application of today’s technology

campa apollo system

It is a powerful and versatile electronic system for the automated execution of bell functions in churches and public buildings. These include swinging, tolling, Angelus, playing carillon melodies etc.

In addition to this, the APOLLO III device ensures proper control of the tower clock, the heating, the lights, automatic gates etc.

The APOLLO III is an user-friendliness device by application of today’s technology. I can be operated using the touchscreen.


campa apollo church bell control

Church bell control Respect for local traditions

Church bell control

Respect for local traditions

campa apollo gallery church bell control pictureUser-friendly programming, traditional bell-ringing programs are identified by their proper names. Introduction of customized ringing and tolling actions in the user screen for optimal user-friend-liness.

Any traditional ringing sequence can be entered as a sequence in the Apollo III, to preserve local traditions.

The start-up and stop sequence of a bell swing peal is automatically calculated by the Apollo III, follow-ing a set of parameters filled in by the installer. The first/last clapper stroke of each bell come up in a controlled and aesthetical sequence similar to hand bell ringing.


campa apollo gallery church bell control

campa apollo tower clock control

Tower clock controlAuto DST switchover

Tower clock control

Auto DST switchover

  • The Apollo III is capable to control up to 4 tower clock movements independently.
  • All worldwide standards of tower clock control are supported.
  • DST switchover is fully automatic.
  • Automatic synchronization of each clock after power failure.


campa apollo gallery tower clock01campa apollo gallery tower clock02

campa apollo carillon and chimes control

Carillon and chimes control

Carillon and chimes control

Manage music remotely

Music is stored in the Apollo III as MIDI files. These files are stored in a PC compatible file structure (Windows and IOS). File exchange is possible by LAN (SFTP, Filezilla) or by standard USB storage media. Thus, the carillonneur can remotely manage the automatic music played on his carillon.

A MIDI file may be recorded from a MIDI keyboard (e.g. baton carillon practice keyboard) or generated by means of a MIDI software package in a computer.


campa apollo gallery carillon01campa apollo gallery carillon02campa apollo gallery carillon03

campa apollo large touch screen

Large touch screenOptimal user-friendliness

Large touch screen: 7 inch / 18 cm

Optimal user-friendliness

Command table: to ensure easy operation, the touch screen command table shows the real bell configuration of the tower, and its real time ac-tivity. The ongoing bell ringing events are shown on the bell symbols and also by displaying their sequence names.

Function keys: the installer provides an end-user menu composed of up to 66 custom-made keys that are chosen according to local ringing tradi-tions.

Diary function key: when pressed, the next upcoming automatic bell executions are listed in chronological order, and may be edited.


campa command table with function keys
Command table with function keys


campa diaryDiary

campa apollo lan internet connection

LAN internet connectionRemote programming and service

LAN internet connection

Remote programming and service

The LAN internet connection (option) of the Apollo III allows the installer to offer remote technical service for program changes, technical analysis…

The end-user has full access to all functions to program or manually control the bells.

The Apollo III can connect to the Internet by means of any router, wired internet or by wireless modems.


campa lan internet connection

campa apollo compatible with pc tablets smartphone

Compatible with PC, tablets and smartphoneIOS, Windows, Android

Compatible with PC, tablets and smartphones

IOS, Windows, Android

Remote control and remote service using internet or local network communication.


campa apollo gallery compatyble03campa apollo gallery compatyble03campa apollo gallery compatyble03

campa apollo large touch screen

Time sync with NTP serverDCF or GPS receiver

Time sync with NTP server, DCF or GPS receiver

Synchronized internal time base

The internal time base of the Apollo III may be synchronized with the most common standard time bases:

  • DCF radio receiver (coverage: Western Europe)
  • GPS satellite receiver (coverage: worldwide)
  • NTP Network Time Protocol server (Internet connection required)

All tower clocks and slave clocks are synchronized by the Apollo III.

Worldwide automatic DST changeover


campa lan internet connection

campa apollo bus system for tower equipment

Bus system for tower equipmentUTP cable, fiberoptic, radio waves.

Bus system for tower equipment

UTP cable, fiberoptic, radio waves

Communication between the Apollo III and other devices in the church:

  • Classical wiring, compatibility with any existing devices.
  • Apollo III bus by UTP wire (ethernet type). Wiring is discrete (preservation of historical buildings) and low cost.
  • Apollo III bus by Fiber Optic: immune to lightning surges.
  • Apollo III bus by Radio Waves: e.g. in between separate buildings, when hardwiring is not possible/allowed.

Apollo III bus: serial communication by UTP wire allows remote programming and diagnosis of all connected devices.

The Apollo III includes a messaging system by email in case of malfunction, for instant technical supervision of the bell installation, which ensures optimal security.

campa apollo bus system for tower equipment

campa apollo compatible with international standards

Compatible with international standardsOptimal user-friendliness

Compatible with international standards


The Apollo III system allows interconnection and integration by its compatibility with international standards.

  • MIDI (option): Musical Instrument Digital Inter-face, for connecting keyboards, PC’s, etc.
  • USB ports: backup memory
  • LAN: networking (internet)
  • NTP (option): Network Time Protocol, for time sync by internet servers.
  • VNC (option): Virtual Network Computing. The Apollo III’s touch screen can be transmitted to other devices (PC’s, tablets, smartphones) for remote operation and programming.
  • (S)FTP: (Secured) File Transfer Protocol (Filezilla), industry standard for transport of files over a network (for backup, melody library…)

campa compatible with international standards

campa apollo mp3 sound files

Sound filesUserfriendly programmable messaging

Sound files

Userfriendly programmable messaging

Typical applications:

  • Background music in the church
  • Schools, retail, public buildings & industry
  • Energy control: heating & cooling
  • Safety control: programmable messaging &- -access control
  • Master clock and programmable relay outputs

campa apollo mp3 sound


 campa cover apollo III Download brochure (interactive pdf)

campa clock

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