Today, a bell is highly regarded as a musical instrument. We only supply precisely tuned cast bronze bells. To have a musical (agreeable) sound, the most important bell harmonics must correspond to well defined tolerances such as the ‘Limburger Richtlinien’. This fine art of tuning was developed in the ‘Low Countries’, from where we operate.

We supply high quality swinging bells and carillon bells. When bells are intended for extension of an existing set of bells, the new bells are perfectly tuned to the existing ones in order to create a perfect match. When a bell is properly rung, it can be used for many centuries without much wear.

It is possible to restore antique bells by welding their cracks. Welding new bronze on worn-out striking points prevents bell cracks from building up and helps to preserve valuable old bells.

We are experienced in projects involving not only bronze cast bells, but also brass tubular bells and porcelain bells.  We are an official partner of the ‘Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen’. We can supply chimes that are composed of crystal bells, porcelain bells, glass bells or Chinese bells.

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