Electronic Master Clocks

During the last 30 years, we have proven to be a true pioneer and market leader when it comes to designing master clocks which feature the latest technology. Thanks to our experience, CAMPA products can be associated with high reliability and user-friendliness.

Our product range is extensive. All clocks have an integrated DST (Daylight Saving Time) to allow automatic changeover, regardless of whether  they are (optionally) equipped with a GPS receiver or with a DCF/MSF/JG2AS/WWVB receiver for radio synchronisation.

The TEMPUS series of master clocks is intended for companies, schools, smaller churches and chapels.

Our APOLLO III/TEMPORA series master clocks are intended for churches, schools, city halls and industry.

The end user text menu is custom-made by the local dealer. This way, essential functions related to local ringing tradition are easily operated. An extensive software package ensures the preservation of the local ringing traditions.
Thanks to our long manufacturing experience, our master clocks are protected from voltage surges. Their electromagnetic immunity is proven every day by thousands of clocks installed all over the world.

Both digital maintenance from a distance (by computer and digital modem) and remote bell ringing operation by mobile telephone are available (you can download our Apollo brochure here)

The APOLLOIII MIDI computer is the world’s most commonly used system for carillons.

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