Digital Bell Equipment

If it is difficult for you to install cast bronze bells in your bell tower, our digital bell systems, which use digitally sampled bells and loudspeakers, may be an interesting alternative. The sampled sound of both swinging bells (Doppler effect and ‘mouth effect’) and  carillon bells is available.

Our design centre and factory operate from the ‘Low Countries’, the cradle of the carillon. The sound of our Flemish bells, therefore, is part of our collective memory. We exclusively supply the original bronze bell sounds of high quality Flemish bells.

A bronze bell carillon consists of a well-chosen series of harmonically tuned bells, on which any kind of music can be played. The digital version has similar functions, such as swinging and stationary bells. Furthermore, our bell sounds feature unique dynamic expression. The musician that plays music on it can use a vast range of digital bell strokes, just as when real cast bronze bells are struck with clappers.

Carillon players use the same digital bell sound when practicing on their baton keyboard, or for testing music at the carillon school.

To obtain a true bell sound coming from a tower, the choice of loudspeakers and amplifiers is very important. The CAMPA product range provides a long-life weatherproof speaker, made of polyester and stainless steel. Altough using a horn speaker setup for bell ringing was common practice, we have always opted for a dual chassis speaker with a low frequency compression driver. Thus, we offer a hi-fi tower bell sound with full bandwidth, including the low frequency spectrum that is needed to reproduce the warm sound of the bigger bells. The difference in quality between such special speakers and normal horn speakers is enormous.


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