Swinging Cast Bells

Bells can be rung by swinging them manually with a yoke, a wheel and a rope, or automatically by means of an electric motor drive system.

Nothing compares to the massive sound of a heavy swinging bell or a peal of bells, but even the smallest swinging bell brings a warm atmosphere into your community. Swinging bells ring for mass calls, wedding peals, funerals, festivities, etc. The swinging bell is a moving sound source that creates an agreeable Doppler effect. In addition to this, a ‘mouth effect’ is present due to the domination of different harmonics, which are perceived by the listener as a ‘ding-dong’ sound. It makes the sound more alive than that of a stationary bell.

Bell ringers have developed a vast bell ringing tradition. In the past, they brought the bell to its balancing movement by means of a wheel and a rope. For that purpose, we have designed the MOVOTRON expert bell ringing system. This system consists of a feedback microprocessor controller that monitors the movement of the bell during every phase (i.e. start, swing and brake). It imitates and matches hand bell ringing and is provided with the software necessary to ring the bell according to the local tradition.

We manufacture all mechanical parts that are involved in bell swinging: bell yokes, bell supports, clappers, wheels, etc. We support our dealers with engineering data and technical advice, since a swinging bell produces a considerable dynamic load.

We also offer our musical knowledge to select a harmonic set of bells or to extend an existing one.

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