Stationary Cast Bells

Bells can be rung without being swung, by means of a clapper or an electric striker. Stationary cast bells are intended for ringing the hour stroke, Westminster quarters, funeral tolls,… In specific situations where the bell cannot be swung for technical reasons, ringing the bell in its stationary position to simulate a peal may be a good solution.

For centuries, stationary bells have been struck by clappers operated by a mechanical tower clock for striking the hour and pre-quarter melodies or, on special occasions, by hand through bell ringers. Today, valuable mechanical tower clocks are restored and preserved.

For reliable automatic operation of bell striking, we manufacture a vast range of electromagnetic clappers (electro strikers). It is important to adapt the striker to the specific bell to preserve its lifetime and to obtain an optimal sound quality. Such strikers are electrically operated by a master clock which the traditional church bell ring sequences from the past have been saved in.

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