Swinging Bell Controllers

The sound of a swinging bell exceeds that of a stationary bell being rung. It is lively and nothing is more impressive than hearing a nice peal of bells ringing from a tower.

When it comes to swinging a bell, we are a pioneer. Our MOVOTRON swinging bell controller has made its name among bell experts. It consists of a feedback microprocessor system that, through a shaft encoder, accurately monitors the bell’s starting phase, its swing amplitude during ringing and its braking phase. The system guarantees optimal clapper impact and stable swing amplitude, which is important to preserve your precious bells. It limits the dynamic load on your bell chassis and bell tower, and locks the swing frequency of your bell.

Our exclusive ‘soft start and soft brake’ electronic power current control eliminates mechanical shocks originating from the motor, resulting in a silent operation and a much better preservation of the mechanical components.

The MOVOTRON Linear swings the bell by means of a magnetic field. No bell wheel, chain or friction is involved.

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